Never before has programming a drive been so easy, so convenient, and so fast!
The advantages of the Electronic Programming Module (EPM) extend throughout the life of your drive... and beyond.
You'll save time and resources, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.
Once you try it, you'll never want to go back to the cumbersome traditional programming methods again!
When you use AC Tech drives that employ EPM technology, you automatically get the following benefits:

One Button Programming:

Simply plug an EPM into the EPM Programmer and press "Transfer to EPM". In 2 seconds the EPM is ready to be installed into an AC Tech SC or TC Series drive. The hand held EPM programmer allows you to select the source of the program to be installed, either from another previously programmed EPM, from a file within the EPM Programmer, or from a file on your personal computer.

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Easy Archiving to your PC:

Use the EPM Programmer to save a drives program. This hand-held device holds up to 30 program files, and by using the Tech-Link software (available free in the Technical Library Section) and a standard RS-232 cable, you can archive the programs to your PC.
The EPM Programmer lets you save from and write to EPM's. It also allows you to edit a program using the 16 character display . Instead of using parameter codes, you see a full description of each parameter and selection.

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Job change-overs are a snap!

Some machines and processes are multi-use and require the drive to be reprogrammed for the particular job. If your drive uses the EPM, instead of reprogramming, all you need to do is simply remove the EPM for the old job and insert an EPM that has been pre-programmed with the new requirements. No errors, no downtime! Change-over can usually be done by the machine operator using a pair of common needle nose pliers, rather than requiring a skilled technician or engineer.

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OEM Machine Defaults:
The EPM Programmer saves the drives configuration to two memory locations in the EPM - one that is changeable from the front of the drive and one that serves as the OEM's machine default setting. If the end-user of the machine were to reprogram the drive causing the machine to malfunction, the drive can easily and quickly be reset back to the OEM's original settings.

The default feature is a significant improvement over traditional technology that requires the drive to be reset back to the drive manufacturer's defaults, and then calls for a skilled technician or engineer to reconstruct the OEM's programming.

This unique capability of the EPM has saved AC Tech OEM customers immeasurable time in assisting their own customers to get back up and running in the shortest possible time, often eliminating a service call.

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A Troubleshooting assist.

In installations where two or more drives are programmed to perform the same job, and one installation works fine but the other one is encountering difficulty, the EPM allows the drive programming to be targeted or eliminated as a potential cause of the problem.
Simply by switching EPMs between the working and non-working units, you can determine the cause of the failure - if the problem moves with the EPM, the root is in the programming. You can utilize this test even if the drives are of two different ratings! Again, this feature saves the OEM's time and resources in assisting customers, and results in greater customer satisfaction.

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Re-Use the Memory!

Yet another great time and money-saving benefit the EPM offers you -
if the drive is ever damaged and needs to be replaced, the EPM is probably still good.
Replace the drive, wire it for the job and insert the old EPM.
No other programming necessary!

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